We can consult you and recommend you to speak with a Nutritionist - Baba Pear Sun of Living Earth Foods, a Cannabinologist- Dr. Rachel Knox of the American Cannabinoid Clinics and a Neurosurgeon, President and Chief Medical Officer of Green Medizin Dr. Anthony Hall. They can give you education, insight, expertise and knowledge of Holistic Diet/CBD/THC. The result is a healthier YOU - you are closer to your true nature, without the added, often subconscious, burdens we place upon ourselves.


At Green Medizin, their goal is to provide the highest quality Hemp derived products available that are safe, effective and trustworthy. The #1 Priority is to give people access to the incredible benefits of CBD and CBG!From stress and anxiety to chronic pain, Hemp derived CBD and CBG has been found to mitigate symptoms and ease suffering for millions of people globally. Over 80% of those who visit Green Medizin have never used CBD. They look to CBD as an alternative or complementary therapy to their traditional pharmaceutical treatment. Green Medizin is committed to the development of high quality outcomes-driven cannabinoid treatments to the medical industry.  Utilizing low/nonTHC components of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids we want to offer treatments for dozens of ailments and diseases that can possibly benefit.A combination of traditional medicine and low THC supplements may offer promise to the world!


We can recommend you to Dr. Anthony Hall President and Chief Medical Officer of Green Medizin for qualification.
If you have any medical issues or concerns that you feel are relevant to your initial visit, please let Green Medizin know. All information is held with the strictest client privacy and confidentiality. We want your cbd/thc consultation to be done within the safest environment for your optimal healing potential!


Please no alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment, as it interferes with the flow of your body's energy and it may prove to be very difficult to have the thorough, complete healing analysis conversation about cbd that you deserve. Sometimes, releasing your body's energetic blockages may bring forth strong or intense emotions.

Please realize that this happens because your body and soul are READY to release them! Please allow the feelings to flow through, as it is temporary, and its something your body needed to let go of anyway.





By far one of the most healing transformative experiences I’ve had! I was feeling chronically tired and had random aches and pains before seeing Dr. Hall. He personalized my medizin exactly how I needed and does so every time I go see him! He has changed my perception, freeing me to feel better. He is the one stop shop for any healing you want to do in life! I couldn’t recommend Green Medizin more!

Nancy A.



Green Medizinis amazing!
They are so personable, fun and real. They are my "go to" for healing insight and guidance and is always spot on in bringing me the clarity I need.

Quinn C.



“Dr, Hall is such a skilled healer, and facilitated a nurturing healing experience for me. Since, I have maintained a sense of calm and mindful peace that I have not felt for a very, very long time. Dr. Hall's feedback  mirrored my experience of the healing as it was taking place and resonated deeply giving me further avenues to reflect on and explore. I've researched into cbd/thc healing and for me it worked because of the balance and calm I felt after.

Ian H.



Dr, Hall has been doing this work for many, many years.  I am going through a very challenging time dealing with pain and anxiety, which is affecting my overall mental and physical health as well.  Green Medizin has helped me to receive mental clarity, allowed me pain management and more resources to assist.  They have armored me against potentially painful periods with no end in sight, and let me deal with anxiety in a much calmer and more collected way. No matter how tense I am when I use my cbd oil I get very relaxed and at peace. I am so glad to know about Green Medizin and have the privilege of being one of their clients.

Steffi K